Lets Play to Read k 1


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Alicia Montenegro
21 x 27
The first year in preschool is an ideal time to introduce children to a foreign language such as English. This is a time when children are highly sensitive to the acquisition and development of oral language through listening. Since the first year in school is children’s first contact with English, we provide them with enjoyable and recreational activities. These activities offer children many opportunities to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Through games, song, and drills children develop phonemic awareness, visual and auditory discrimination, eye-hand coordination, and fine and gross motor skills.

Sound and music play an important role in this book. They make teaching and learning more enjoyable experiences and are tools for developing both listening and reading skills. Children acquire vocabulary through pictographic reading and develop auditory awareness through acquaintance with phonemes and sound. LET’S PLAY TO READ K-1 is a book that “embraces” children through their learning process and encourages them to observe, compare, and constrast images and sound. Children begin to develop reading-writing skills in a significant way and are welcomed into the exciting world of learning English.


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