Lets Play to Read k 2


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Alicia Montenegro
21 x 27

When learning to read and write, children must understand the relationship between sounds and letters.

That’s why LET’S PLAY ro READ K-2 presents each letter of the English alphabetic system individually, while linking each one to its phoneme in the context of a word. The book helps to develop reading and writing skills, such as phonemic awareness and visual perception. And while phonemes are presented as beginning sounds, children also have the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills by tracing or linking the letters they are learning, to the sounds that represent them.

This book gives children many opportunities to practice reading and writing conventions such as reading from left to righ,the use of capital and small case letters, spaces between words and rules of punctuation. In addition to learning how to “sound out” letters, children also acquire vocabulary related to animals, colors, numbers and learn adjectives presented in pairs of antonyms.


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